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Wild thing

Got a fun little DIY for you this week.

Obviously you could use any small plastic toys for this little project and switch the gold spray paint for any colour of your choosing… go forth and make!

You will need:

Plastic toy animals (I got a bag from Amazon for about £2)

Gold spray paint

Screw head pin


Pliers (if you need to detach the ring from one end of the chain as I did)

Step 1 Sprayed animals Ready to make! Screw in head pin Take ring off Slide chain onHUzzahIt is fairly self explanatory, but, you spray paint the plastic figures (I used a few coats and did it over a couple of days so they could dry really well) you then screw the little head pin into the top of the animal (this was easily done by hand as the plastic is not brittle) and then string him onto a chain! You could then embellish with other charms/ ribbons/ chains, if you so desire.

I will be jazzing up these little guys over the next few weeks and adding them to my shop so keep your eyes peeled for some one off bargains!


2 Responses to “Wild thing”

  1. They do look so cool coloured gold! I’ve seen ones like that stuck on top of like mason jars/storage boxes which are an awesome decoration too. I need some gold spray paint! x

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