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Girls only!


I thought I would post some pictures of Audrey’s room. It’s awesome:) We have thrifted, crafted and been gifted all the lovely things in it, and created a really charming little space for our growing girl. Not too girly, fun and bright…just like her!

Auds room 1

Lovely ‘Audrey’ soft crib letters from our pals over in Malaysia.

Auds room 2Love this side table, found it in our local charity shop for £15!

Auds room 7

Curtains and bunting made by moi and stuffed heart made by my friend Lesley.

Wall stickers shotAwesome wall sticker height chart, xmas gift from Granny.

Auds room 6

Audrey’s first pair of Converse!

Auds room 9

Lovely ‘Rupert and his balloon’ painting c/o daddy

Auds room 3

My first piece of felt art made at the Make Me Workshop check it out if you love making and crafting, Melissa runs excellent workshops for all levels and ages and the building itself is just wonderful.


Auds room 11

Toys! Fab bunny toy trunk from Christmas Fair that they hold every year at Olympia (I think)

Auds room 8

Our little Dinosaur fairy…very special little girl, you can read her story here.

5 Responses to “Girls only!”

  1. Sarah Turner says:

    I love the picture Rob has painted. Audrey had very talented parents. 🙂 x

  2. Sophie says:

    Oh my goodness I love this! You are so clever! Ive just found out im pregnant and would like to do a room as well as this! xx

  3. […] came along and took over my sewing room/ our spare room and claimed it as her bedroom (check it out here) but I have managed to carve myself a bit of space in the dining room. It’s not a big space […]

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