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Frock Swap!

I’m taking part in a very exciting project with some fellow bloggers! Here is the lowdown…

There is an American blog called Flock together where style bloggers swap items from their wardrobes with each other and then restyle them, giving life to an outfit they’d forgotten about or struggled to style. It’s so interesting to see how people with different styles adapt pieces to fit their aesthetic.

Rachel of rachel the hat, Donna of polkadot pink, Erica of i’m being erica and myself have decided to create our own version; we’re calling it Frock Swap, and we’re hoping to make the feature a regular one on each of our blogs! The idea is that we’ll swap items from our closets that we’re struggling to remix, and see how the other girls would naturally style it. I think it’s going to be fun and it will give us the opportunity to get that buzz you get from wearing a new item of clothing… and it’s free!

I’m starting off by sending the girls these two dresses to choose from which I blogged about here and here. I hope they like them and I cannot wait to see how they style them up, it’ll be great to get some new ideas on how to wear my wardrobe!

OOTD 6th dec 2




So look out for next month’s post where I’ll be styling up an outfit sent to me by Donna! Excited or what!



One Response to “Frock Swap!”

  1. erica says:

    cannot WAIT to get my hands on the first one!!! X

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