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Easy egg free banana pancakes

My daughter has (among others) an allergy to eggs, so I’m always on the hunt for egg free baking recipes so she can enjoy some sweet treats that don’t come straight from a packet! These pancakes do not disappoint…in fact I think we like them more than she does and they have become a regular feature at breakfast time due to them being so darn quick to knock up but also utterly delicious!

These would also be great for vegan’s as you can sub the milk for a dairy free version…


1 cup self raising flour (I used wholemeal in the below pics which gives them a slightly different texture and they also feel healthier!)

pinch salt

pinch cinnamon

1 tbsp brown sugar

1 banana mashed

tsp vanilla

2/3 – 1 cup of milk depending how runny you want the batter

a  little butter/ marg for cooking


Simply mix the dry ingredients together

Mix the wet ingredients together

then mix the wet and dry ingredients together and fry in a pan with a bit of butter over a medium heat turning once or twice…eat and enjoy!

Pancakes 1


Pancakes 3

Pancakes 2

We have also tried these with the addition of chocolate chips and they are super yummy.

Some other topping ideas:

Golden syrup/ maple syrup
fresh strawberries and honey
chocolate sauce
peanut butter and golden syrup

Let me know if you give these a go!

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