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Craft a week challenge – Week 9

This weeks craft is a bit of nostalgia for me. I have always loved making things, as far back as I can remember I always had pencils in my hands or some sort of clay, and a needle and thread as I got older. I loved modelling clay and was a big Fimo fan as a child/ early teen and would spend hours making badges, figures and jewellery, spending all my pocket money on the latest colour or gold powder/ diamantes to adorn my creations! When I wanted to tackle bigger projects I would use Das which is an air drying clay, so when I saw it being sold in my local craft store I bought a pack for me and Audrey to play with.

I decided to make a little bowl to keep my rings in as I tend to leave them lying on the window sill (which isn’t the best idea)I used my Duck & Duffel stamp to ‘brand’ it which I think looks rather cool!

For my next sculpting project I want to try Sculpy III oven bake stuff. I think it has a much finer finish than Das which is a bit chalky and rough (though it made a charmingly rustic dish!)

This dish was simply rolled out cut out stamped and shaped and left to dry. It might get painted at some point…or it might not I’m undecided…actually I might get Audrey to do that for me!

Cas packet Rolling the clay cutting bowl stamped fin.



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