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Craft a week challenge…week 3


I pinned it… and I made it!

I’m ashamed to say this is probably the first thing I’ve made from Pinned inspiration… it’s so easy to happily pin away and then forget what you’ve pinned and not get round to making it! Hence my challenge this year to make (at least) one craft a week and use some of my pinned inspiration to do it.

This weeks craft is a good one; leopard print fold-over clutch… ooohhh ahhhh etc!

What you need:

  • 6 pieces of fabric cut to 11.5″ x 10.5″ (this yields a 10.5″ x 7″ finished clutch including the fold-over); Outer fabric (faux fur in my case)/ Lining and interfacing /wadding depending how thick and sturdy you want the clutch to be
  • A metal teeth zipper. Mine was a 10″ zip which was the longest I could find and thus dictated the size of my clutch. I would have gone bigger… much bigger!
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins/Sewing clips
  • Regular and a Zipper foot for your machine

Things to remember:

  • Seam allowance is approx 1″
  • Iron your fabric as you go
  • Make sure you don’t sew over the zipper teeth or you will break your needle

Here we go…

Step 1: Sewing on the Zip

Place the zip on the lining fabric with lining right side up.

DIY Clutch 1

Then place the outer fabric right side facing down on the zip so the zip is sandwiched between the two layers.

DIT Sew the zip

I want a nice sturdy clutch so at this point I also added a layer of wadding fabric (thermolam would be good) on top of the main outer fabric and pinned the whole lot together. Using your zipper foot sew your ‘sandwich’ together!

Pinned fabric

Step 2:

Repeat on the other side of the zip, layering up in the same way.


sew the other side

Once both sides are sewn it will look like this… like a fabric book!


DIY clutch kit after 5


Step 3:

Unzip your zipper to halfway and open out your layers so the linings are together, and the main fabric/interlinings are together, and pin. At this point you can switch your zipper foot over to a standard foot.


open out layers


Step 4:

Stitch all around the outside and leave a few inches on the lining side to pull the fabric through (be careful not to stitch over the zipper teeth!)


sew around

Step 5:

Trim back the fabric and corners to make the seams less bulky.

  trim edges

Step 6:

Turn the clutch through to the right side and give it a little press with the iron, then sew up the gap.




turn right side out

Step 7:

Then you just fold over the top of the clutch and…



DIY clutch fin.


Well done, you are now the proud owner of a new clutch bag!

This project was inspired by a pin on my Pinterest board which you can follow here.

Please link your crafts below, I would love to see them!



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  1. Well this is just super cool! You’re so talented 🙂 I’m pretty useless with DIY unfortunately 😛 x

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