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Christine Haynes – Emery Dress pattern review

Being an avid sewer I like to try out patterns from all different decades and designers. I find it really interesting how patterns vary in fit and how they are assembled. There are a raft of new designer led patterns on the market now; Colette, Sew over it and Christine Haynes are just a few of my favourites. The instructions that come with these are detailed but simple to follow (great for beginners) and so very different from many of the vintage patterns I have worked with.

The problem with vintage patterns are 1. the sizing is very different from the shape of the modern woman (Oh how I yearn for a small waist!!) 2. the instructions were written for women who had been sewing their whole lives, so more complex construction techniques aren’t explained very well. However these new patterns are a dream to work with.

I recently put together the Emery dress and (aside from cutting the wrong size) it went together very quickly and very easily. I didn’t need to follow the instructions as I’m pretty used to constructing dresses (and it’s actually very similar to a custom dress I made before Christmas), but when I was starting out this would have been a godsend! You can see another version over on Sarah’s blog, she has just acquired her first sewing machine and with a bit of help made her own Emery dress, well done girl!

So, on to my mistake…silly me cut a size small, not sure why, moment of madness? underestimating how much cheese I ate at Christmas? whatever it was I now have a dress that I sadly cannot wear so If anyone would like to buy this gorgeous gingham dress in a size 10 then please let me know! I will be selling this for £40 (free P&P) so leave a comment if you are interested and I will use the money to buy myself some new fabric to make the dress in the correct size!

Has anyone else made the Emery? Please pop your links in the comments box…

Happy Sewing!


Gingham dress 1 Gingham Dress 2

4 Responses to “Christine Haynes – Emery Dress pattern review”

  1. Oh no! That’s rotten that it didn’t fit. It’s an absolutely gorgeous make! I’ve actually done 3 of these I love the pattern so much. You can see a round up of all of them here:

  2. […] cut in the correct size (8 US) this time! If you are a regular reader you will know that I made an Emery a while back but cut it a size small (wishful thinking there Deb’s) but I cut it to my size […]

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