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I’m desperate to give this revived craft a go. There is so much lovely inspiration over on Pinterest as well as some links to some handy DIY tips and tricks on making your own loom bed. I’ve got one of my old shoe boxes ear marked for this project, am guessing it will need to be quite a sturdy box to with stand all the thread being pulled around on it, I might also try it on an old art canvas frame which may be better…trial and error as usual.

Love the mix of bright pinks with the more earthy ochre and cream colours, it’s giving me lots of ideas about Spring/ Summer 2015 (Yes us designers must start early!)

Here are my fave Pinterest pics, gorgeous images which I hope the owners won’t mind me sharing…

I’ve started a board on Pinterest which has the links to each picture, you can follow here!

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Free Printable Gift Tags

The count down to Christmas has really begun! I was browsing one of my favourite blogs and just had to share this link for free printable gift tags. I made mine with a nice heavy weight stock paper and white cord from my local habby shop…simple and lovely!

Craft a week 22-25

I’ve been a naughty blogger and crafting but not writing about it…slapped wrist! So here is a little round up of the bits I’ve been making over the last month… Quilt for the sofa in Arizona by April Rhodes for Art Gallery Fabrics: I’m still not sure about layout of the blocks…random or following some […]

Poms Poms and stuff

Fantastic day had by all on Sat at the Handmade Fair. As well as being a huge crafty gathering it was also held in the stunning grounds of Hampton Court Palace. I haven’t been there since I was a child and I was quite tempted to go and have a go at the maze again, though […]

Craft a week – week 21

This week I’ve been sewing up a couple of little girl dresses from a pattern I designed. It’s a mini version of my Betty Dress! One is for Auds and one for my best friend’s daughter for her 2nd birthday (spoiler alert Lindsay). I finally got to use some beautiful wooden buttons that I bought at […]

Why don’t you…

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer?! Bit of a blast from the past here but who remembers the BBC summer holiday programme ‘Why don’t you’?. It ran from the early 70’s through to the mid nineties and had the tag line ‘Why Don’t You Just Switch Off Your Television Set and Go Out […]

Love Patchwork and Quilting…

Did you spot us in Love Patchwork and Quilting mag this month? It’s a great issue with loads of inspiration for your next quilting/ craft project…I must get started on a Duck & Duffel quilt!

Press coverage this summer!

We’ve been lucky enough to have some fabulous press coverage in Mollie Makes over the last two months! Issue 43 now on sale…

Reversable infinity cowl |Tutorial

  Picture from Materials needed: • 6 Fat Quarters of co-ordinating fabric • Matching thread • Hand sewing needle /sewing machine • pins Step 1 Lay out your fat quarters into two rows of 3 choosing 3 for the inner and 3 for the outer cowl fabric. You can mix and match your fabrics […]

Craft Club – Textile jewellery fun

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve started running craft nights from my home, just with friends to start with but perhaps it will expand one day…we shall see! It’s just a nice way to spend a sat night that doesn’t involve spending loads of money in packed bars…yes yes, I’m sounding old, but […]

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