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Craft a Week – Week 19

I ran my second Craft Club class on Sat night (more about that in my next post!) so I needed to make a few examples of the techniques I wanted to share with my crafty ladies!

This little project is great for using up fabric scraps and once you get the technique down is super easy…would be great done with paper too.

I actually stiffened my fabric with double sided iron on paper sandwiched between the two bits of fabric (this also means it won’t fray!)

What you need:

pinwheel post 1

Firstly cut a square from your fabric, this one is approx 3″x 3″ and make a great statement brooch, but a 2″x 2″ is a nice size for a hair clip…

pinwheel post 2

Make diagonal cuts towards the center of the square but stopping approx 0.5/1cm away from the center


Then take one corner and fold into the middle, go round the square folding in each corner to the center and secure with a pin


You can then stitch a button on the front to hold the corners down and hide any stitching. I also sewed a brooch back to the reverse but you can also use glue if you are a bit sew phobic!

Et voila!

Pinwheel final

If you make this please link up via #craftaweek on twitter, I would love to see the results!



Craft a Week – Week 18

It was the one year birthday of Duck & Duffel last week…phew where has that time gone! I made a cake to celebrate (any excuse for cake lets face it!) and I also made the little washi tape flags that I have pinned on my Craft a week Pinterest board to decorate the cake… above […]

Craft a week – week 17

Pleather, spray paint and pom poms..oh my! This week I’m feeling all inspired by some wonderful geometric jewellery I’ve been seeing around! I bought some faux leather and pom pom trim for making a clutch but I have plenty left over so thought I’d experiment a little… I’m very happy with the results! What have […]

Handmade Awards – OOTD!

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Craft a Week Challenge -Week 13 & 14

I’ve not posted my crafts for the last 2 weeks (slapped wrist!) but you know how life gets sometimes. I have however been a busy bee and sewing up a storm so this is a double dose for you and hopefully I’ll get back on track this week! So, I’ve been up to a few […]

Craft a week challenge – Week 12

This week I took inspiration from my amazing crafty pal Skye of Even Artichokes Have Hearts (as I often do!) and made my mum a new make-up bag for Mother’s day! I had this fabric in my stash and was planning for it to be part of a bean bag but I haven’t got round […]

Craft a week challenge -Week 11

So here is my second Emery cut in the correct size (8 US) this time! If you are a regular reader you will know that I made an Emery a while back but cut it a size small (wishful thinking there Deb’s) but I cut it to my size this time and I’m really pleased […]

Craft a week challenge – Week 10

Swoon! This dress must be mine…. so this week I’m making it (#100dayshoppingban) Photo credit to Karl-Edwin Guerre and Dress By Tara Starlet and you can buy it here Yes I’m finally making the Emery dress again but in the correct size this time! This time I’m using 1″ square gingham and making it […]

Craft a week challenge – Week 9

This weeks craft is a bit of nostalgia for me. I have always loved making things, as far back as I can remember I always had pencils in my hands or some sort of clay, and a needle and thread as I got older. I loved modelling clay and was a big Fimo fan as […]

Craft a week challenge – Week 8

This week I thought I would customise a pair of Audrey’s jeans with some stencilling… then it all went a bit wrong! I made the mistake of overloading the brush and painting though the stencil instead of stippling… but hey, you learn from your mistakes and luckily┬áthe Dylon fabric paint is only permanent once it […]

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