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Beads and giveaway!

Found my bead stash today. Took some nice pics but now not sure what to do with them. Some of them are quite heavy so not sure what sort of findings I should use, maybe just some leather thong? I’m thinking they would look good strung onto the neck tie or belt of a dress. I might incorporate some into my up-coming collection.

What would you do with them? Leave me your ideas in the comments box and I will pick a winner to send a little bag of these lovelies to.

Thanks and enjoy!


4 Responses to “Beads and giveaway!”


    i would make dress pins< using 3-4 beads and put them a pin type catch you can add them to any top or vest top to give it a bit of colour. x

  2. […] thought I’d share with you what I finally used some of my bead stash for! So here is a simple necklace tutorial for you folks. This would be great to recycle some beads […]

  3. Lynne Armstrong says:

    What about decorative wall art, the different colours would look stunning. X

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