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30 ways to save a pound

How many of you knew that it’s the 30th Anniversary of the £1 coin this week? I did not I must admit but the lovely chaps over at Moneysupermarket emailed me to tell me all about it and asked me to get involved in their ’30 Ways to Save £1′ challenge. I’m all for a bargain and saving money so I had a think about the ways I try to save and thought I would share my top 30 tips with you all. So in true superscrimpers stylee here we go…

  1. Freeze leftover herbs…I always have herbs left over when I buy the little bags and they inevitably go brown and gross, so chop them up and freeze into ice cube trays with water…what better than a mint ice cube in your cocktail or iced tea!
  2. Freeze left over wine to use in cooking at a later date…left over wine: rare I know but sometimes it does happen!!
  3. Use stale bread to make french toast (eggy bread!) it works better than fresh as it doesn’t soak up so much of the egg and milk.
  4. Another use for stale bread is making breadcrumbs; whizz up in a blender and then you can freeze them for a later date. Great on a rack of lamb or to top a macaroni cheese!
  5. Use over ripe bananas to make banana bread, yum
  6. Buy punnets of fresh fruit when they are on offer/ just going out of date then freeze straightaway and you can use them to make smoothies without the need for ice!
  7. Change the look of lace-up shoes by swapping your usual boring laces with a bright bit of ribbon or some lace – looks fab
  8. When sewing don’t throw away all your scraps of fabric, collect them in a bag and they can be used for  toy/cushion stuffing
  9. Always check out the remnant boxes in haberdashery shops as there are often lovely off-cuts for less than £1
  10. Don’t splash out on expensive new toys for kids, my little one is always just as happy with a toy from a charity shop, it’s new to her and that’s all that matters!
  11. Visit your local library – free books and DVD hire for £1 and it gets the kids out of the house.
  12. Walk instead of driving wherever possible, then you save on petrol, parking and you get some exercise
  13. Turn your thermostat down by one degree and you can save around £35 a year on your fuel bill!
  14. Turn off lights when you are not in the room
  15. Air dry clothes instead of using costly tumble dryers
  16. Try and use all the food in your fridge/ cupboards by going to a website like My Fridge Food and typing in what you have and it will come up with recipes! No waste and you might try something new!
  17. Decant cheap value brand hand soap into a fancy bottle for the bathroom!
  18. Make your own sweet treats, cakes, biscuits and puddings – it works out so much cheaper than buying pre-made and they’re more delicious!
  19. See something you like in the shops? Always check e-bay for something similar, you may find a vintage version that is even better and half the price
  20. Buy cotton wool from the baby section of the supermarket/drugstore, its always cheaper than in the beauty section.
  21. Make nail varnish last longer by storing in the fridge.
  22. Use old mascara wands as eyebrow combs. A little vaseline helps keep them in place too.
  23. Drive responsibly, you will save on fuel and wear and tear on your car saving you lots of money over the years.
  24. Charity shops are great for kids clothes; they grow out of them so fast they are often in great condition!
  25. Try out value brands when doing your weekly shop, we now prefer Tesco own chocolate pop cereal to Cocoa pops!
  26. Hand-make gifts if you are a crafty person. I hand-made the majority of ours last Christmas and saved us around £200!
  27. Check out Youtube for tutorials, be it make-up/sewing/DIY and save £’s on books and professionals
  28. Talent share! Offer your skills in return for someone else’s and you can both save money.
  29. Make sure you make a shopping list for your weekly shop and don’t get tempted by offers for things not on your list
  30. Last but not least…never shop when you are hungry. I’ve done it myself and come home with loads of naughty treats we didn’t want need!


3 Responses to “30 ways to save a pound”

  1. I fully endorse number 11! (I used to work in libraries and I’m training to be a librarian, for my sins…)

    Our local ones have not just books – but also ebooks, blu-rays, audiobooks (cd and mp3), free internet, wi-fi, storytimes, baby bounce sessions, chatterbooks groups for teenagers and plenty of evening events and author talks.

    Libraries are heartily recommended! 🙂 x

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks Louisa, yes totally agree they are so under-rated, and I think once you finish school you sort of forget they are there and that they offer so much. Good luck with your training!

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