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Shrinky DIY!

A lovely lady on Etsy approached me and asked about how I make my shrinkies so here is a little tutorial! (Full description and shopping list below the lovely pics) Enjoy…

Shrink DIY 1

Shrink DIY 2

Shrinky DIY 3

Shrinky DIY 4

Shrink DIY 5

Shrink DIY 6

Shrinkie DIY edit

Shrink DIY edit 2

Shrink DIY 9

Tips / Tricks and where to buy:

I get the Shrinkles classroom packs from Amazon -you get 50 A6 sheets and they cost around £8.99. If you live in the UK you can also get them at The Range and some branches of Squires.

I prefer the white ones but the frosted ones are great too and make it easier if you want to trace something (which helps if you are not that great at drawing or have kids who want to trace from magazines or books) The A6 ones are just the right size I find for making jewellery/ brooches. Use one A6 sheet per item.

When colouring your design just do so lightly as all the colours intensify in the oven. I love coloured pencils but Sharpies work too, though they can bleed a little.

Cut carefully and don’t forget to punch a hole using a standard hole punch if you want to use your shrinkie as a necklace or keyring.

Each type of shrinkie brand has different ‘cooking’ instructions so follow carefully what it says on the packet. You can use a big book to flatten the shrinkies further when they come out -I like Leiths cooking bible for this…it’s huge and heavy!

You can use an acrylic varnish to help seal your design once the shrinkie is cooked and cooled completely. Any clear varnish from an art shop will work, just make sure you are really careful and you don’t smudge your design.

I hope this helps and please leave a comment with any questions.

Happy shrinking…I’m warning you now it’s majorly addictive!



Introducing the Esther dress…

So I have decided to add another style to my shop, great excuse to make myself something in my fabric finally! It should be going live on ASOS marketplace this week – will keep you informed!       Esther dress styled with: Bag -Zara (last year) Shoes -Zara (last year) Tooth necklace – Old […]

July Wish List

Just a quick little naughty wishlist…was browsing online, as you do! I’m always surprised by how much my taste in clothing/ style varies week to week…this is all very monochromatic and chic for me (OK, OK band t-shirts aren’t exactly chic)! Oh yes and a shameless plug of my own Duck & Duffel mini skirt […]

Summer Fun!

Well, it’s finally here! We have been spending some well over due time sorting out the garden, making it child friendly and nice to sit in. So firstly we decided it was time to decorate the bunny house so that Audrey can make full use of it (now that Rupes is an indoor bun again), […]

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