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Farnham pics

We went to Farnham a couple of weekends ago, it’s only 15 minutes down the road from us and is so pretty, very historic and a special town for us as it’s where both me and Rob went to Art College…and met! I’ve been meaning to post these pics for a few weeks, the weather wasn’t great that day but I was really pleased with the shots…

black and white


maison blanc

Farnham Market Street


innovate shop

high st.



We ended up having cake and tea in Cafe Rouge (even though Audrey clearly wanted a fry up in the pub!)


Now I’m no knitter but the chance to go and see local artists/crafters at the wonderful Farnham Maltings was enough to entice me to an afternoon of woolly fun! It’s a chance for people to take part in workshops, see demonstrations, hear talks from experts and be inspired by artists in the gallery area. They also had […]

What we wore today

OK, so I’ve finally succumbed to the ‘OOTD’ post! But I was rather pleased with our outfits this morning so I got together a few snaps to share, plus if I start doing this on a regular basis it will mean I will have an excuse to wear more of my clothes (thus upping the […]

My workspace

For those of you that don’t know, I quit my day job in media last September and am now a full-time stay-at-home mum, blogger, crafter, designer. My work space is limited since my little one came along and took over my sewing room/our spare room and claimed it as her bedroom (check it out here) […]

Sew fun!

This month I had a lovely email from the people at Moneysupermarket who very kindly asked me to take part in the ‘What’s in your pocket’ challenge! I was super excited to get started. They gave me £20 to spend on whatever I wanted and asked me to write a short blog post about it. It’s all […]

Lord of the Ring(s)

So I get  in from a night out with a pounding head only to be greeted by my husband holding out a ring to me…as we are already married you can imagine my confusion! Turns out he spent his Friday night far more productively than I did; making me a  ring with the silver clay […]

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