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Baroque Rocks!

With the big designers doffing their caps to Victorian, Edwardian and baroque style with brocade, velvet, lace and embroidery this A/W, you might think this could be a tricky look to pull off on a budget, but the good old British high street have once again come up trumps and given us some great pieces to get the look for less.

This is a great trend for the more thrifty fashionista as vintage and charity shops will have a plethora of hidden gems and there are also some great little DIY tricks that will enable you to pull the look together without the need to buy new pieces.

As a stay at home mum I don’t often get the opportunity to get really dressed up (though I try to wear something other than jeans and a jumper every day as I just have too many lovely things I’ve collected over the years not to wear them!) this look can be quite OTT and more ‘evening’, but just a few well chosen accessories can transform a day outfit into something a bit more special, without feeling overdressed for the school run!

So here is my pick of the high street/indies and I’m also going to share a quick and easy DIY for you to create a nod to the look without spending a fortune!

Baroque Rocks

Clockwise from top left:

Vintage Susan Small brocade evening coat £85

Molda metallic Baroque print leggings £12

Velvet vamp shoe £19.99

Baroque print bodycon dress £45

Pearl lace collar £6.50 (approx) Ballade at Etsy

Just a spoon full of sugar necklace £10 Cheap Frills 

Premium full mini skirt £35 and Blouse with embellished peter pan collar £35 both ASOS

Fleur De Lys Belt £22

Pheonix Clutch £25

…what beauties!


To rock baroque you will need:

A pair of plain pumps (mine are from Primark and need a little TLC)

Some studs (I get mine from crytalsandgems2010 on eBay) £2.49

Velvet or other fabric scraps you have lying around that you like (or you can be cheeky and ask for samples at fabric shops!)

Scissors, needle and thread or fabric glue if you are sewing averse! Or of course you can use a sewing machine…

Shoe DIY 2

  • Cut 2 rectangles from your chosen fabric roughly 5″ x 4″ (but this depends how big or small you want your final bow to be)
  • Hem each short end of your rectangle either by hand/machine or glue. Then with the right sides together sew down the long side of your rectangle and turn through so you have a tube of fabric.
  • Now pinch your tube of fabric in the centre and secure with a scrap, or some ribbon if you have it to hand.
  • Now get creative with your studs! I studded my bow and the front and heel of my shoes but you can do whatever you like.

I would love to see your creations if you give this DIY a go, so please share your pics with us all!




Christmas crafting mania!

Hello! Apologies for the tardiness of my blogging recently. There have been a couple of reasons (aside from there being not enough hours in the day!) One of them being my old laptop kept letting me down due to it’s age, but luckily it was my birthday last week and my wonderful parents have bought […]

Thrifty finds

I’ve got a couple of great Charity shops just a few minutes walk from my house (as well as a craft shop and fabric store – dangerous!!) and I’ve been lucky enough to pick up lots of lovely bits and pieces recently… Clockwise from top right: Fabulous vintage style mock croc bag (Sailor Boy £6) […]

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